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Lake Hood Air Harbor

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Status: Cleanup Complete - Institutional Controls Database Name: Lake Hood Air Harbor
Location: 4955 Aircraft Drive, Anchorage, AK Latitude: 61.188056 Longitude: -149.972500
DEC Contaminated Sites Contact: Todd Blessing , Project Manager - 907-269-7699
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The Lake Hood Air Harbor site is at 4955 Aircraft Drive at the west end of Lake Hood, Anchorage, Alaska. The property is bordered on the east by Lake Hood and by Anchorage International Airport property on the north, south and west. The property has been leased by the current occupants since 1978. The property contains three buildings and is currently used to provide floatplane aviation services. A UST system consisting of two 4,000-gallon aviation gasoline tanks was installed in 1980. Additionally, a 2,000-gallon tank of unknown origin and content was present on-site. The two 4,000 gallon tanks were taken out of service (last used) in December 1993. The UST system, including the unused tank, all associated piping, dispenser and dispenser station were excavated and removed in July 1995. Approximately 250 cubic yards of petroleum contaminated soil was excavated and thermally remediated as part of the July and September 1995 activities.


Public Health and Environmental Concerns


The contaminants of concern (COCs) are primarily petroleum: gasoline and BTEX. Petroleum contaminated soil remains on-site. Extensive impacts to the groundwater have been identified both on and off property. A drinking water well is present on the property, however, the property is currently serviced by the municipal water system.


Current Status


After remedial action took place, DEC gave this site conditional closure status in September 2005. Institutional controls still apply to this site. See the glossary for more in formation on closure of sites. See the database entry (link at top of page) for specific controls placed on this property.