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Updated: Jun. 22, 2016

Public Drinking Water Systems



DEC's Drinking Water Program requires public water systems to be in compliance with state and federal drinking water regulations. Click here for more information on the State Drinking Water Program.


The City of North Pole's public water system has been monitoring its supply wells for sulfolane since 2010. Tests on water treated by the city’s water treatment system have never shown a detection of sulfolane. In 2010 the two wells serving its public water system were replaced due to trace detections of sulfolane in the raw water from both wells. The City’s treatment system removed those traces before the water entered the distribution system.

Flint Hills Resources Alaska constructed two new public drinking water wells outside of the contaminant plume for the City of North Pole. DEC issued interim operational approval in December 2010, and the wells began operating in January 2011. DEC gave its final approval in April 2012. Samples taken from the new wells have shown levels of all regulated contaminants to be below allowable maximum levels. The City of North Pole follows a prescribed testing schedule for sulfolane, in addition to other analytes, as required by DEC.


Click here to view the North Pole Utilities public water system details on DEC's Drinking Water Watch webpage.


For more information contact Cindy Christian, Acting Program Manager, Drinking Water Program (907) 451-2138,




Drinking Water Reports and Documents

Laboratory Key Elements for Sulfolane Analysis in Water, Soil and Plants. Effective Jul. 22, 2013.
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