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Former Olson’s Gas Service #1

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Status: Active Database Name:Tesoro - Olson Gas Services Store #1
Location: 3607 Spenard Road, Anchorage, AK Latitude/Longitude:See database entry
DEC Contaminated Sites Contact: Robert Weimer, Project Manager - 907-269-7525

Map of area.



Olson’s Gas Service #1 is located on Parcel 2-24, 25,27 NE4NW4SE4 T13N R4W section 25, Anchorage Alaska. The site business operations include automobile repair, I/M testing, and a four bay, self serve car wash. Until September 13, 1995, retail fuel service was also provided on site. In 1995, nine underground storage tanks (USTs) and associated UST array piping were removed. During the UST removal activities, petroleum hydrocarbon contamination was encountered.

During the UST removal effort in 1995, roughly 100 tons of contaminated soil was removed and stockpiled onsite. A November 1995 release investigation found the groundwater contaminated from petroleum hydrocarbons. In 2000, additional contaminated soil was removed and portions of the air sparge/ soil vapors extraction system (AS/SVE) was installed. This facility continues to receive grants through the State of Alaska Financial Assistance Program to fund cleanup activities.


Public Health and Environmental Concerns


The contaminants of concern (COCs) are primarily petroleum; gasoline and gasoline components (BTEX), there is also a separate area of diesel contamination. Petroleum contaminated soil remain on property. Extensive impacts to the soil and groundwater have been identified both on and off property. The full extent of the groundwater contamination is not known, and the groundwater contamination plume appears to continuing to spread.


Current Status


The AS/SVE system installation is to be completed and begin operation in 2003. The groundwater continues to be monitored for petroleum constituents. Additional monitoring wells are to be installed to define the extent of the groundwater contamination.