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Sani-Klean Service, Former Texaco

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Status: Active Database Name: Sani-Klean Service Station, Former SKS Texaco
Location: Mile 21 Old Richardson Highway, North Pole, AK Latitude/ Longitiude: See database entry

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Left side of driveway blocked by car body parts and a stove.

Left side of driveway blocked by car body parts
and a stove.



This site is known as the SKS Texaco property, Sani-Klean, H. E. Dennison or Richard Talley property. It is located at 3391 Old Richardson Highway, Moose Creek, Alaska, is described as Tax Lot 2902, Section 29, Township 2 South, Range 3 East, Fairbanks Meridian, and is approximately 2.5 acres in size. This site is located in a general-use residential area and is surrounded by a newly constructed church, vacant land, and the Richardson Highway.

Family dwellings and vacant land are located across Old Richardson Highway. This site is a former gas/service station in Moose Creek located at approximately 21 Mile Old Richardson Hwy. The overall operational history of this service station is unclear, but DEC records indicate that the last fuel delivery by the local Texaco supplier took place on December 19, 1990. In the early 1990’s, this was also the location of Sani-Klean Service, a carpet-cleaning operation.

DEC records date back to 1992 (ADEC File Numbers: 100.26.157 & 100.38.065).


Re-secured safety fencing.

Re-secured safety fencing around building.

Public Health and Environmental Concerns


This property is considered a combination underground storage tank (UST) and contaminated site (CS) in DEC records. Files indicate that there are tanks that need to be removed and a strong suspicion that the tanks have leaked. Additionally, DEC files state that there is reason to believe this site may be contributing to offsite contamination and that subsurface petroleum discharges have occurred.

Contamination from petroleum-based compounds and other chemicals may migrate into neighboring drinking water wells creating health hazard for people of Moose Creek. Exposure could also come from vapor inhalation, dermal contact or ingestion of contaminated soil or water.


Current Status


DEC records indicate the necessity of a site assessment report and closure of five regulated underground storage tanks. Additionally, there appears to be a need for a Release Investigation to document the magnitude and extent of soil and groundwater contamination associated with past service station practices.

DEC reports show there have not been any assessment or cleanup activities on this site, but there have been DEC enforcement efforts. (DEC files 100.26.157 and 100.38.065)

The site is currently owned by the Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB). The FNSB has prepared an EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant Application. The grant could provide funds for assessment and cleanup work.