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Tazlina River Trading Post

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Status: Cleanup Complete Database Name: Tazlina River Trading Post
Location: Mile 111.2 Richardson Hwy, Near Glennallen, AK Latitude/Longitude: See database entry
DEC Contaminated Sites Contact: no longer assigned - 907- 465-5390

Topographic map of area.

Location of site.



The Tazlina River Trading Post is located approximately 5 miles south of the junction for the Glenn and Richardson Highways, in Glennallen, toward Valdez. The facility is open year-round and consists of a trading post, convenience store, restaurant, bar, and retail gas station.

Underground storage tanks (USTs) were removed from this site in June 1993 and consisted of one 2,000-gallon gasoline, and two 1,000-gallon gasoline tanks. A double walled, 4,000-gallon gasoline tank was subsequently installed to replace the three decommissioned tanks.


Public Health and Environmental Concerns


Private wells in the immediate area are drilled approximately 90 feet deep and used for non-potable purposes, due to extremely high levels of iron in the water. Drinking water for the subject facility is obtained from a community well at a nearby R.V. park. The well at the R.V. park is drilled to a depth of 200 feet.

Gasoline and benzene soil contaminants exceeding Method 2 cleanup standards were encountered around pipe connections along the piping runs from the tanks to the dispensing island. Analytical soil results indicated that the contamination had migrated both vertically and laterally as a result of loose pipe fittings. Approximately 1,200 cubic yards of gasoline contaminated soil was excavated during closure activities for the three tanks. The excavated contaminated soil was placed in a passive ventilation treatment cell at the rear of the property.


Current Status


Passive ventilation of the 1200 cubic yards of contaminated soil has been ongoing. Soil characterization and sampling was conducted during the summer of 2001. Field screening and analytical test results confirmed that although contaminant levels were reduced, soil within the bottom 3 feet of the treatment cell continued to exceed the Method 2 cleanup standard. Characterization and sampling of the soil within the treatment cell is expected to occur during the summer of 2003. All soil meeting the Method 2 cleanup standard will be land spread on site at the facility.

This facility has received grants from the State’s Financial Assistance Grant Program, for conducting tank decommissioning, and site assessment activities. The facility continues to receive grant funds for remediation activities associated with the former UST system.

After in investigation and cleanup, DEC approved closure complete for this site in 2007. A record of the site cleanup chronology and closure details is available in the database. See link above.