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Tudor Car Wash

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Status: Cleanup Complete Database Name: Tudor Car Wash
Location: 2621 East Tudor Road, Anchorage, AK Latitude/ Longitude: see database entry
DEC Contaminated Sites Contact: no longer assigned - 907- 465-5390
Ariel photo of site location.



The Tudor Car Wash site is located within the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska at 2621 East Tudor Road on the northwest corner of Tudor Road and Folker Street. It is described as Lot 36B, Big Mac Subdivision. There were three (3) underground storage tanks (USTs) installed in 1980 and the site operated as a retail gasoline station and car wash until January 1994 when the tanks were decommissioned and removed. The UST system, consisting of two 10,000- gallon tanks and one 5,000 gallon tank, along with the associated piping, pumps and dispenser island were removed in October 1995. During the tank removal activities, a total of 275-cubic yards of petroleum contaminated soils was excavated and treated on-site using a passive soil venting system and bioremediation. An additional 713 cubic yards of contaminated soil was excavated between June 26 and July 2, 2002. A release investigation was performed for the site in 2001, including the advancement of soil borings and installing monitoring wells. Groundwater is approximately 14 feet below the ground surface and runs northwest at the site. Contaminated groundwater appears limited to the southeast corner of the project area. A total of 9 monitoring wells have been installed on site, with one monitoring well placed in the parking area of the Wildwood Corner Apartments located northwest of the Tudor Car Wash property. Although groundwater is contaminated on site, groundwater northwest of the site is not contaminated. The facility continues to receive grants through the State of Alaska Financial Assistance Program to fund cleanup activities. The site is currently operating as a used car lot.


Public Health and Environmental Concerns


The contaminants of concern (COCs) are primarily petroleum; gasoline and gasoline components (BTEX). Petroleum contaminated (gasoline) soil remains on-site. Extensive impacts to the groundwater have been identified.


Current Status


After in investigation and cleanup, DEC approved closure complete for this site in 2007. A record of the site cleanup chronology and closure details is available in the database. See link above.