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Status: Active Database Name: Vicki Lane Buried Drums
Location: 1105 Vicki Lane, North Pole, AK Latitude/Longitiude: See database entry
DEC Contaminated Sites Contact: Tamara Cardona-Marek, Project Manager - 907-451-2192           See DEC Brownfields Webpage



This site is referred to as “ 1101 Vicki Lane” or ‘ Vicki Lane, Lot 5’, is located at 1105 Vicki Lane, North Pole, AK and is approximately 47,000 square feet in size. The official description for this property is Lot 5, Block 5, Merry 2nd Subdivision. The property is located in a residential area, but was used in a commercial manner for the maintenance of mining and construction equipment performed within the shop building formerly located on this site.

The site was first inspected by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) in 1995 after a citizen complaint of ponded waste oil and anti-freeze on the ground surface. This was confirmed at the time and the owner was notified of cleanup requirements. Cleanup was never confirmed even though the owner of record in 1995 stated that it had been done.

In the late summer 1998, DEC performed a limited site assessment after the owner at that time discovered crushed 55-gallon buried drums on the northern portion of the property while digging a new drainage ditch along Vicki Lane.


Public Health and Environmental Concerns


The 1998 site investigation found petroleum contaminated soil above cleanup requirements associated with the buried drum area (approximately 28 drums removed), in an injection well associated with a shop floor drain, and at the former location of heating oil and waste oil tanks located outside of the shop building. The onsite ground water was contaminated above cleanup levels for benzene and styrene. Maximum values detected for benzene and styrene, respectively, are 22.8 ug/l (MCL 5 ug/l) and 145 ug/l (MCL 100 ug/l).

It appears that the on-site well (floor drain) is contributing to the ground water contamination. However, an onsite upgradient well is also contaminated and this contamination may be from upgradient off-site sources. Benzene and styrene were detected to depths of 40 feet below the ground surface at locations up and downgradient from the injection well (floor drain). There is a nearby slough channel to the east/northeast of the site as well as suspected permafrost in the local area that may affect ground water flow directions both horizontally and vertically.

Several nearby, 100 to 650 feet downgradient from the floor drain, residential wells were tested in 1998 for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) and found to have no impacts at that time.


Current Status


The onsite groundwater cleanup requirements will be determined based on the amount of groundwater contamination that is coming from possible upgradient sources, if any, and estimated extent of the downgradient contaminant plume. If the groundwater concentrations at the site’s downgradient boundary are equal to or higher than the 1998 values then the residential wells at 1097, 1068 Vicki Lane and 1069 Holmes Road must be tested.

The site is currently owned by the Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB). The FNSB has prepared an EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant Application. The grant could provide funds for assessment and cleanup work. For more information and updates on this site, please see the database entry--link at top of page.