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Risk-Based Petroleum Cleanup Standards work group    



Alaska's Statement of Cooperation, or SOC, is a partnership agreement between several state and federal agencies to work together to protect human health and the environment in Alaska. The partnership's objectives are to work cooperatively to identify and respond to environmental issues and concerns in Alaska and to seek innovation, efficiency and flexibility, and to achieve uncompromised environmental protection. These are accomplished by maintaining open communication, undertaking a coordinated leadership role to promote compliance with environmental laws and pollution prevention, cooperating and creating partnerships to cleanup contamination and pollution, promoting training, and coordinating consultation with federally recognized tribes, as appropriate, when multiple parties are working on an issue that may affect tribes.


Parties to the agreement include:


Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Aviation Administration U.S.Department of the Interior
Alaska National Guard Defense Energy Support Center
U.S.Navy U.S. Army
U.S. Air Force Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Coast Guard Alaska Intertribal Council


The SOC partnership is co-chaired by the Commander, Alaskan Command, and Regional Administrator for US EPA Region 10, and the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. In addition, the Executive Director of the Alaska Intertribal Council, a statewide non-profit organization of federally recognized tribes, now participates in the group.


Several work groups conduct research and projects in support of the efforts of the SOC. The current groups are:

  • Alaska Forum on Environment
  • SOC Training Initiative
  • Opportunities for Partnership
  • Statewide Restoration Advisory Board Workshop
  • Federal Land Transfers
  • Technology Exchange
  • Risk-Based Petroleum Cleanup Standards
  • Eroding Landfills
  • Institutional Controls
  • Military Munitions Response Program

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Risk-Based Petroleum Cleanup Standards Working Group

This group has conducted research and aired issues surrounding cleanup of petroleum contamination. This group has produced eight technical papers related to the cleanup of petroleum contaminated sites. The papers and their abstracts are available for review here. These papers are provided for informational purposes only. The papers do not constitute, nor can they be interpreted as, ADEC guidance, policy, regulations, or rule-making.

Note: An Excel workbook (calculator) has been developed under this Statement of Cooperation working group to evaluate the phase partitioning of petroleum hydrocarbons at sites and whether the contaminants pose, or may pose, an unacceptable risk. The calculator, referenced throughout the eight technical papers, is undergoing final review and will be made available upon completion, after department approval and development of appropriate guidance for its use.

  Papers (December 2006) Download


Three- and Four-Phase Partitioning of Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Human Health
Risk Calculations, Technical Background Report Document and Recommendations
Full Document (PDF, 1.6 MB)
Abstract (PDF, 18 K)
Hydrocarbon Characterization for Use in the Hydrocarbon Risk Calculator and Example
Characterizations of Selected Alaskan Fuels, Technical Background Document and
Full Document (PDF, 496 K )
Abstract (PDF, 19 K)
bullet Dilution-Attenuation Factors at Fuel Hydrocarbon Spill Sites, Technical Background
Document and Recommendations
Full Document (PDF, 2MB)
Abstract (PDF, 10K)
Maximum Allowable Concentration, Residual Saturation, and Free-Product Mobility, Technical Background Document and Recommendations Full Document (PDF, 2.2 MB)
Abstract (PDF, 19K)
bullet Groundwater Sampling Techniques for Site Characterization and Hydrocarbon Risk Calculations, Technical Background Document and Recommendations Full Document (PDF, 2MB)
Abstract (PDF, 20K)
Migration to Indoor Air Calculations for Use in the Hydrocarbon
Risk Calculator, Technical Background Document and Recommendations
Full Document (PDF, 891 K )
Abstract (PDF, 10K)
bullet Site Conditions Summary Report for Hydrocarbon Risk Calculations and Site Status
Determination, Technical Background Document and Recommendations
Full Document (PDF, 3.1 MB)
Abstract (PDF, 19K)
Proposed Environmental Site Closeout Concepts, Criteria, and Definitions, Technical
Background Document and Recommendations
Full Document (PDF, 1.6 MB)
Abstract (PDF, 19K)

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