Division of Spill Prevention and Response


State and Private Cleanup Program

The State and Private Cleanup Program of the Contaminated Sites Program is tasked with protecting human health and the environment from legacy contamination due to historical releases of petroleum and hazardous substances at all non-federally controlled sites.  

The State and Private Cleanup Program oversees the characterization and cleanup of all sites owned by private and non-profit entities, local governments and state agencies.  


Key program responsibilities and activities also include:


  • Administering funding and contracts for the cleanup of
    sites with no viable responsible party.

  • Cleanup at the former Eight-Fathom Bight Maintenance Facility near Hoonah.

  • Administering funding and contracts for the cleanup of state-owned facilities.

  • Managing cleanups of regulated leaking underground storage tanks.

  • Managing cleanups of home heating oil tank releases.

  • Managing institutional controls on closed sites.

  • Facilitating property transfer and redevelopment through site assessment and cleanup.

  • Conducting cost recovery of all state oversight costs expended from the Oil and Hazardous Substance Release Prevention and Response Fund.

  • Developing regulations and policy governing contaminated sites.



The program is organized into four field operations units:


  • Southeast Field Operations (907) 465-5390

  • DEC overseeing cleanup and closure of the former Alaska-Juneau Mine.

  • Fairbanks Field Operations (907) 451-2143

  • Anchorage Field Operations (907) 269-7503

  • Kenai/Soldotna Field Operations (907) 262-5210

Contaminated Site cleanup regulations are found at 18 AAC 75.