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Prevention Preparedness and Response Program

Prevention Preparedness and Response Program


Facility and Vessel Contingency Plan Applications
Download Document Date
Contingency Plan Application PDF 244K October 2014
Application Package Electronic Submittal PDF 148K April 2017
Statement of Contractual Terms PDF 12K September 2004
Contingency Plan Verification Log PDF 611K December 2015
Nontank Vessel Streamlined Plan Application PDF 507K December 2015
Primary Response Action Contractor Application PDF 75K February 2007
Change of Ownership Supplemental Form PDF 82K May 2014
Facility Location Data Sheet PDF 221K September 2014
Plan Review Guidance Document Revision 1 PDF 4.6MB December 2016

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Financial Responsibility Forms
Download Document Date
Financial Responsibility Application PDF 120K April 2012
Nontank Vessel Financial Responsibility Application PDF 103K October 2014
Surety Bond Form A PDF 79K October 2003
Guaranty Form B PDF 84K April 2004

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Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks
Download Document Date
Underground Storage Tank Procedures Manual

Requirements for Treatment of Contaminated Soil and Water, Remediation Technologies, Sampling Procedures, and Laboratory Data Submittals and Alaska Analytical Methods

March 22, 2014
Operation and Maintenance Manual PDF 1.2M  
Automatic Tank Gauges - EPA document EPA webpage with download  

EPA UST Publications List

EPA has lots of great UST publications on their web page. Free EPA documents on Underground Storage Tanks: Call 1-800-424-9346

EPA webpage  
Financial Responsibility EPA FR webpage

UST FR webpage
Inspector Handbook - The definitive handbook for third party inspectors. Part 1 PDF 1.12M

Part 2 PDF 1.01M
Underground Storage Tank Training Training webpage  
Leak Detection Probation Fact Sheet PDF 105K

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Underground Storage Tank Forms
Download Document Date

The following forms are required to be submitted whenever you perform significant work at an Underground Storage Tank system.

2017 Inspection Report Form - Due every three years PDF 501K  

UST Registration and Certification

Registration for Installation, Repair, Upgrade or Reconfiguration for new or existing underground storage tank. No more than 30 days after installation or return to operation (for Upgrades, too)

PDF 174K  

UST Addendum

Submit the UST Addendum for installation, upgrade, reconfiguration, fix, or repair of any component of an existing UST system.  A component of a UST system is defined as any related material or equipment which, if it should fail, could cause a release, or, cause a release to go undetected or uncontained.  Work on any component of a UST system requires a state licensed UST installer.  Due no later than 30 days after installation or return to operation.

PDF 32K  
Change Ownership of UST - 15 to 60 days after change of ownership PDF 32K  
Intent to Install or Reconfigure a UST - 15 to 60 days prior to tank work PDF 118K  

Corrosion Log - 60-Day Log for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

PDF 30K  

Impressed Current System CP Test Form

PDF 69K  

Galvanic Cathodic Protection Survey

PDF 142K  
Out of Service Part 1 - Taken Out of Service or Temporary Closure of an underground storage tank PDF 105K  
Out of Service Part 2 - Empty Tank Affidavit PDF 59K  
Closure of an UST - 15 to 60 days prior to closure work PDF 22K  
Post-Closure of an UST - 30 days after closure complete PDF 140K  
Site Assessment/Release Investigation - Site Assessment report within 60 days from date of closure and
Release Investigation report within 45 days from date of closure
PDF 23K  
Preliminary Risk Evaluation Form PDF 420K  
Underground Storage Tank Financial Responsibility Form PDF 123K July 2014
Underground Storage Tank Financial Guarantee Form - Proof of Financial Responsibility PDF 25 K  
Underground Storage Tank Surety Bond Form - Proof of Financial Responsibility PDF 28 K  
Class A/B Facility Operator Designation Form PDF 95 K  
Class C Operator Training ADEC Recommended Checklist PDF 47 K  
Leak Detection Fact Sheet PDF 105 K  
Spill Placard updated with UST directives PDF 172 K  
Internal Inspection Checklist for Field-Constructed UST Systems PDF 163 K  

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Aboveground Storage Tanks
Download Document Date
Secondary Containment Requirements At Tank Truck and Rail Car Loading and Unloading Areas PDF 205K August 2004
Operator Training Handbook
PDF 3.6MB October 2016
Shop-fabricated Aboveground Oil Storage Tank Capacity Limit Guidance PDF 1.7MB May 2017
Temporary and Seasonal Class 2 Facilities Guidance
PDF 168K June 2017

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Prevention Preparedness and Response Program


Home Heating Oil Tanks - Please see the Home Heating Oil Tank webpage
Download Document Date
Home Heating Oil Tanks - A complete guide for property owners PDF 715K January 2003
Installation Brochure PDF 192K March 2012
Inspection Checklist PDF 146K March 2012
Aboveground Tank Inspection Brochure PDF 849K March 2012
Underground Tank Inspection Brochure PDF 1.13MB March 2012
Underground Tank Closure Brochure PDF 1.13MB March 2012
Tank Safety in Flood and Earthquake Areas PDF 547K March 2012
Spill Reporting Placards PDF 207K June 2010

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Spill Response
Download Document Date

In Situ Burning Guidelines for Alaska, Revision 1 -- FINAL (August 2008)

The Alaska in situ burning guidelines are used by State and Federal onscene coordinators to authorize an emergency in situ burn of oil

PDF 645K August 2008
Alaska Incident Management System (AIMS)

Guide for Oil and Hazardous Substance Response cooperatively developed by industry, spill coops, Federal and State agencies.
PDF 2.25MB November 2002
Tundra Treatment Manual

Literature review and tundra cleanup guidelines.
Tundra Treatment webpage  
Alaska Regional Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Response Teams

Brochure providing a general overview of regional hazmat response teams in Alaska
PDF 598K May 2002
Transport, Treatment, & Disposal Approval Form for Contaminated Media.

Currently, Alaska Soil Recycling, Inc. (ASR) is the only bonded soil treatment facility in Alaska.  As a bonded facility, they are allowed to co-mingle contaminated soil for treatment under their approved facility operations plan.  Post-treatment soil samples are collected and analyzed at regular intervals to insure that the contaminants are successfully treated.  Because the post-treatment analytical results for co-mingled soils are provided directly to ADEC, the Responsible Party does not have to provide a separate copy of the post-treatment analytical results as indicated in the form.

PDF 44K December 2014
Disposal of Polluted Soil

This is the DEC Solid Waste Program guidance that discusses the procedures for gaining approval to dispose of different types of polluted soil at Class I, II or III landfills.
PDF 963K September 2016

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