Division of Spill Prevention and Response


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Subarea map

North Slope Subarea Plan

Change 2 -- May 2012
1-Introduction (PDF 783 K)
A-Response (PDF 114 K)
B-Resources (PDF 972 K)
C-Hazmat (PDF 2.31 MB)
D-Sensitive Areas (PDF 12.1 MB)
E-Background (PDF 1.02 MB)
F-Scenarios (PDF 283 K)
G-Geographic Response Strategies (GRS) (PDF 26 K)
H-Potential Places of Refuge (PPOR) (PDF 3.30 MB)


Individual subarea contingency plans are updated on a five-year basis unless critical updates require more timely, out-of-cycle changes. However, feedback to improve these plans is always welcome and can be submitted to: decsparplanning@alaska.gov. Please write “*** Subarea Contingency Plan Feedback ***” in your subject line to ensure your comments can be queried and prioritized by agency planning staff.