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Class 2 Facilities

What is a Class 2 facility?

The Class 2 facility regulations, 18 AAC 75.835 18 AAC 75.849, were adopted by DEC on April 21, 2017, signed by the lieutenant governor on May 25, 2017, and have an effective date of June 24, 2017.

The purpose of the regulations is to create a statewide inventory of a newly-designated classification of aboveground storage tank facilities: Class 2 facilities.

Class 2 facilities:

For more information, please see the Class 2 Facilities Frequently Asked Questions.

Note: Refer to 18 AAC 75.835 18 AAC 75.849

Regulations Summary

The regulations require a representative of a Class 2 facility to complete and submit a Class 2 Facility Registration and Notification Form within 30 days after:

Registration Information

Facilities in operation on or before August 23, 2017, need to submit the completed form to DEC by September 22, 2017.

The registration form requests contact information for all entities associated with facility ownership and operations, as well as tank contents and capacity.

A supplemental form, the Class 2 Facility Additional Aboveground Storage Tank Table, provides more space if facilities have more 1,000 gallon ASTs than can be listed on the registration and notification form.

The Class 2 Facility Additional Owner and Operator Form provides more space if facilities have more than one landowner, facility owner and/or facility operator.

Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions page for further guidance, such as assistance on determining what facilities need to submit a Class 2 Facility Registration and Notification Form. See our contact information below to add your questions to the list and find answers.

All forms are available below. The completed form(s) may be printed or completed digitally and mailed or emailed to the department.

Department responses to the public comment period, which ended January 19, 2017, are available at:

Community Outreach

Upcoming conferences, presentations and meetings related to Class 2 facilities to be attended and/or hosted by DEC staff, as well as the communities DEC plans to visit, will be listed here.


This webpage will serve to provide information on resources for Class 2 facility operators, including training, assistance, advice, conferences, and other opportunities.

Aboveground Storage Tank Operator Handbook: 242 pages of educational material on facility operation and maintenance, safety, spill preparedness, response and reporting, and state and federal government requirements.

Current opportunities:

Send us a note if you have a suggestion for an outreach or resource opportunity or if you would like to learn more.

For More Information

See the Class 2 Frequently Asked Questions.

Sign up for the Class 2 facility listserv if you want to receive informational emails related to Class 2 facilities by visiting the link below. The emails will address various items such as FAQs, opportunities, upcoming presentations, and new resources available.

For more information contact:
(907) 465-5237
Amanda Compton