Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Spill Response Updates
Cows at Kashega Point
PMN 7 - No oil observed
Oil observed at PMN 14
Cleanup workers shoveling oil on Shell Hash Beach.
Current Situation Report (04/25/05 PDF 40 K)
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Current Weekly Winter Ops Report (04/18/05 PDF 19K)

   • Previous Situation Reports
Subsistence Advisory (3/8/2005, PDF 299K)
Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT) Program Spring/Summer 2005 (04/11 PDF 2.4 MB)
Current Incident Action Plan (4/22 to 4/29, PDF 1.11 MB)
  Previous Incident Action Plans
Winter Operations Plan (1/3, PDF 55K)
Spring-Summer Operations Plan (2/4, PDF 1.22MB)

Lightering and Salvage (updated 2/11//2005) 

Shoreline Cleanup (updated 2/10/2005)
Wildlife Recovery (updated 2/10)
Commercial Fisheries Information
An Overview of the Major Commercial Fisheries in the Unalaska Area that may be Impacted by the M/V Selendang Ayu Oil Spill, Report to Fisheries Work Group (April 15, 2005, PDF 2.05 MB)
Advisories and Press Releases
  IPHC Notice to Commercial and Recreational Halibut Fishing Vessels Operating in Alaskan State Waters from Cape Kovrizhka South to Umnak Pass (March 3, 2005)
  Seafood Advisory: Notice To Fishing Vessels Operating In State Waters From Spray Cape South To Umnak Pass (2/25/2005, PDF 56K)
  Notice to Pollock and Cod Catcher Boats (1/22/2005, PDF 180K)
Fisheries Water Quality Sampling
  Beach Survey Updates (updated 3/22)
Extent of oiling
More Information
Subsistence Information

Subsistence Food Use in Unalaska and Nikolski: Final Report to Institute for Circumpolar Health (2003)

Resource Utilization in Unalaska, Aleutian Islands. ADFG Technical Paper (1983)
Subsistence Harvest of Pacific Halibut in 2003. ADFG Technical Paper (2004)
Managing Seafood Safety after an Oil Spill. NOAA (2002)
Evaluating and Communicating Seafood Safety in a Cross-Cultural Context: Lessons Learned from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. SETAC (1999) – for purchase
ADPH/Epidemiology documents associated with subsistence foods (including oil spills)
Communicating Across Cultures video series (for purchase)
Health Consultation for M/V Kuroshima Oil Spill (1999)
Fact Sheet: Shellfish Consumption Safety following M/V Kuroshima Oil Spill (1998)
M/V Kuroshima Shellfish Sampling Program (1998)
NOAA Protocols for Collecting NRDA Shellfish Samples (1997)
Subsistence Advisories
  March 8, 2005 (PDF 299K)
Incident Description

On December 7, the crew of the M/V Selendang Ayu reported that they had lost power and were adrift off Unalaska Island. Efforts to tow the vessel failed and it went aground and broke apart between Skan Bay and Spray Cape at approximately 6pm, December 8. The Selendang Ayu carried approximately 424,000 gallons of Intermediate Fuel Oil (PDF) (IFO 380) and 18,000 gallons of Marine Diesel (PDF).

Vessel Information
  Vessel Location Chart (12/08/2004, file size: 1.33 MB, source: USCG)
  Vessel Diagram showing oil on board vessel
  Vessel Fact Sheet
  Vessel Drawing (PDF 809 K)
  Fuel Capacity Chart (PDF 97 K)
Unified Command Selendang Ayu Photo Gallery
US Coast Guard Photos
NOAA Photos
Anchorage Daily News Photo Gallery
US Fish and Wildlife Photos
Extent of Oiling Observations
Aerial Observations
  Most recent (4/09/2005, PDF 498 K)
  Previous Overflight Maps
Vessel Observations
  Most recent -- Unalaska Island (2/15/2005 PDF 204K)
  Tarball observations - Unalaska Bay (1/9 - 2/23/05 PDF 23K)
  Previous vessel observations on oil
  Tarball Terminology (PDF 78K)
Shoreline Observations
  Captain's Bay (1/12/2005 PDF 1.1M)

Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Team (SCAT) -- Skan Bay and Vicinity 12/27/04 to 02/05/05 (added 2/10, PDF 449 K); Unalaska Bay and Vicinity 12/27/04 to 01/28/05 (added 2/10, PDF 1.54 MB)

NOTE: Beach segments are labeled on the map with the highest level of oiling found along that segment. This designation does not indicate the level of oiling for the entire area. For example, if crews found heavy oiling over 10 meters of a beach segment and the rest of the beach was lightly oiled, the entire length of the segment would be shown on the map as heavily oiled.

Properties of Oil
Fuel Properties and Implications For Potential Spillages.
SL Ross Environmental Research Ltd., 200 - 717 Belfast Road, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1G 0Z4.
Fate and Transport of oil. NOAA paper describing oil properties of Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO 380) and Marine Diesel
Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO 380). (Material Safety Data Sheet)
Marine Diesel. (Material Safety Data Sheet)
Number 6 Fuel Oil Spills (PDF 437K)
Resources at Risk
Wildlife Habitat
  Seabird Colonies in the Region (PDF 672 K)
  Environmental Sensitivity Index Map for Area of Concern (PDF 5.48 MB)
  Environmental Sensitivity Index Map Legend (PDF 88 K)
  Stellar Sea Lion Terrestrial Sites (NOAA map)
Land Management and Ownership Maps
  Land Management Map (PDF 322 K)
Area Information Maps
  USGS Topographical Map of Unalaska Island
  Aleutians Subarea Map (PDF 2.26M)

Eastern Aleutians Section - Incident Area (PDF 1.64M)
Response Plans, Permits and Related Documents
National Contingency Plan
Alaska Federal and State Preparedness Plan for Response to Oil and Hazardous Substance Discharges and Releases
Aleutians Subarea Contingency Plan for Oil and Hazardous Substance Discharges/Releases
Alaska Incident Management System (AIMS) Guide
Alaska Wildlife Protection Guidelines (PDF)
Dispersant Approval for Selendang Ayu Includes maps (PDF 551K)
    • Dispersant Approval Extension Memo (1/12/2005 PDF
Site Safety Plan--updated 4/7/2005 (PDF 1.74 MB)
Waste Disposal Plan (PDF 577K)
Technical Information
Historic Oil Spills
  Photos from the M/V Kuroshima grounding in Summer Bay near Dutch Harbor, 11/26/1997
  List of Major Oil Spills in Coastal Waters of Alaska


Fact Sheets
  "Innocent Passage" and how Alaska laws apply to the M/V Selendang Ayu (PDF 16K)
  Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Process (PDF 119K)
  State Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) Process (PDF 105K)
  Oil Spill Dispersants (PDF 214K)
  NOAA - Dispersants: a Guided Tour
Weather and Tides
Skan Bay Forecast
  Ship and Buoy Observations
  Text forecast
Skan Bay Tide Table
Unalaska Forecast
Regional Marine Forecast (USWS AREA 12A. Eastern Aleutians, Cape Sarichef to Nikolski, including Skan Bay)
Unalaska Bay Marine Forecast (USWS AREA 12A1. UNALASKA BAY)
Unified Command Press Releases and Contacts
Press Releases
Contact Numbers
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Other Organizations
M.R. Associates has assumed responsibilities for handling all claims associated with the Selendang Ayu incident. For claims information, call 866-310-5246 ext. 5012. A representative of M.R. Associates is on-scene at the Command Center in Dutch Harbor.