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Regional Contacts

Do you have a question about prevention, industry contingency plans, inspections, home heating oil tanks, terminals, and tank farms? Contact the Unit Manager in your respective region. 

  1. North Slope & Northwest Arctic Unit Manager
  2. Interior & TAPS Unit Manager
  3. Aleutians, Bristol Bay & Western Unit Manager
  4. Cook Inlet & Kodiak Unit Manager
  5. Prince William Sound Unit Manager
  6. Southeast Alaska Unit Manager

Program Contacts

Program Manager

Preparedness and Response

Section Manager
Central Alaska Region Manager
Northern Alaska Region Manager
Southeast Alaska Region Manager
Integrity and Engineering Unit Manager
Scientific Support Unit Manager

Additional Contacts

Financial Responsibility
Nontank Vessels
Regulations & Statutes

Prevention and Technical Support

Section Manager
Program Support Unit Manager
Training and Guidance Unit Manager
Interagency Coordination Section Manager
DEC Liason to Joint Pipeline Office (JPO)
Hazmat Team Coordination & Drug Labs
Tier II Community Right to Know Coordinator