Division of Spill Prevention and Response


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Completed work includes conducting initial outreach and project scoping, developing an inventory of the existing oil and gas infrastructure, and developing a Proposed Methodology to implement the risk assessment. The Proposed Methodology was for a quantitative risk assessment that would address the oil and gas infrastructure on the North Slope, Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS), and Cook Inlet.

The public, state and federal agencies, industry, and the National Academy of Sciences has reviewed the Proposed Methodology. The Peer review by the National Academy of Sciences recommended that the project scope be narrowed significantly, and that a qualitative top-down approach be used to focus on oil production reliability. Public comments expressed concern that the proposed methodology was overly focused on quantifying risks, without actually providing any recommendations for how to mitigate them.

The project has moved forward as the North Slope Spills Analysis compiled and analyzed causal information associated with the North Slope pipeline and provide recommendations on mitigation measures to reduce future spills. Links to the reports can be found on the Reports page.