Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Working with the Oil and Gas Industry



During Phases 1 and 2 of the project, risk assessment contractors are working to directly engage Alaska infrastructure owners/operators to acquire data and input for the risk assessment.

Communication Channels

Contact with infrastructure owners/operators will include communication with AOGA as described below and direct contact with individual owner/operator companies.


Alaska Oil & Gas Association (AOGA)

The ARA project team is working with the AOGA, a non-profit trade association whose 17 member companies represent the majority of oil and gas exploration, production, transportation, refining and marketing activities in Alaska. Coordination with AOGA is appropriate for project status updates and discussion of issues applicable to the owner/operator group as a whole. This forum also allows Industry the opportunity to provide consolidated and consistent input to the project team as a single voice, when appropriate. ConocoPhillips is not a member of AOGA; however they are working with AOGA for this project.


Industry Legal Contacts

Information that is requested in support of the project is likely to include a combination of confidential and non-confidential information. The State is working with owner/operator companies to develop an agreement on how to identify and protect company information that is not publicly available.


Industry Technical Contacts

Communication with individual owner/operator companies is necessary in order to facilitate efficient data and information sharing that is ongoing in Phase 1 and will continue through Phase 2 of the project. This individual interaction will provide the risk assessment contractors a forum for focused one-on-one discussions with technical owner/operator representatives of specific facilities and equipment and will allow the sharing of company-specific information. A single point of contact has been provided to the project team for each owner/operator company.



A workshop to present the proposed risk assessment methodology and receive feedback was held on May 6 in Anchorage.