Division of Spill Prevention and Response





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Guiding Principles



The risk assessment will analyze the likelihood and consequences of potential failures in Alaska's oil and gas infrastructure. This risk assessment will identify and prioritize potential failures that could impact the reliability of the system, or its ability to sustain production without unplanned interruptions, as well as environment, and public safety.


Because of the inherent complexities and variations within Alaska’s oil and gas infrastructure, a “system of systems” approach is proposed to identify interrelationships between the components of the overall system.  Incorporating input from state and federal agencies and the public, the analysis will identify infrastructure failures that would create unacceptable consequences for the state’s economy or environment.  NASA uses a similar approach to mitigate accident risks within the space shuttle project.


Wherever available, risk assessments already performed on parts of Alaska’s oil and gas infrastructure, or other efforts to identify hazards or potential impacts, will be incorporated as appropriate to avoid duplication. For example, a risk assessment was conducted in conjunction with the original Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) right of way lease in the early 1970’s and was updated as part of the 30-year renewal.