Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Working with the Oil and Gas Industry


Current Opportunities for Industry Participation

Comments on the Proposed Methodology:  May 20, 2009 – June 2, 2009 CLOSED

The goal of the public/peer review portion of the risk assessment was to solicit comments from stakeholders, including industry owner/operators, on the Proposed Methodology.  The deadline for comment was June 2, 2009.  To facilitate industry involvement, an industry-specific workshop was conducted on May 6, 2009 in Anchorage. Industry owner/operators are also welcome to submit comments to the Project Manager, Ira Rosen at ira.rosen@alaska.gov.


Facility Overview Survey

The goal of the Facility Overview Survey is to collect and validate specific information about each of the facilities within the scope of the risk assessment. Past meetings and information exchanges with oil and gas industry operators have been very useful. Additional information may be needed in the future. The risk assessment team will be contacting inidividual operators as information needs dictate.


Project Planning for Phases 2 and 3

The State’s goal for implementation is to include Industry owner/operators as an integral part of the risk assessment implementation effort, working collaboratively with the team to contribute technical input including facility and operating information for scenario development, estimates of consequence and frequency, and mitigating measures.  The State understands that sensitive information is likely to be discussed and/or provided to the technical team during Phase 2 implementation, and tools for protection of such information are currently in the works. 


The State invites those Industry owner/operators interested in actively participating in the risk assessment implementation as a committed and cooperative partner, to participate in the planning of the Phase 2/3 implementation process.