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Information will continue to be updated and available for the public throughout this web site. Other information, materials, past meeting agendas, and meeting summaries may be found on the Documents page.


Public Workshops, Meetings and Comments

To facilitate understanding of the "Proposed Risk Assessment Methodology" and answer questions, public workshops and meetings were held in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Kenai, and Valdez during the month of May. Summaries of these meetings are posted below.


May 2009 Workshop and Meeting Summaries:

Anchorage Public Workshop Summary

Anchorage Industry Workshop Summary

Kenai Public Meeting Summary

Valdez Public Meeting Summary

Fairbanks Public Meeting Summary

Summary of Public Meetings and Comments


The public comment period on the "Proposed Risk Assessment Methodology" closed on June 2, 2009. All comments received are posted on the Documents page.


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