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Alaska Geographic Response Strategies: Aleutians

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Pribilof Islands GRS

  • Candidate sites only. GRS have not been developed for this region at this time.

  1. API01 Zapadni Bay South St. George
  2. API02 Dalnoi Point Haulout St. George
  3. API03 Suskaralogh Point St. George
  4. API04 Staraya Artil St. George
  5. API05 North Anchorage South St. George
  6. API06 East Cliffs St. George
  7. API07 Tolstoi Point St. George
  8. API08 Cascade Point St. George
  9. API09 English Bay St. Paul
  10. API10 Einahnuhto Bluffs St. Paul
  11. API11 Northeast Point St. Paul
  12. API12 Polovina Point St. Paul
  13. API13 Lukanin Bay - Stony Pt. to Black Bluffs
  14. API14 Sea Lion rock / Zolotoi Bay St. Paul
  15. API15 Otter Island
  16. API16 Walrus Island

Site Selection

The workgroup has selected API09 and API14 as the next candidate sites for GRS development. However, there has been no GRS developed at this time. The map to the left shows the GRS selected and candidate sites in the Pribilof Islands Zone. The Site Selection Matrix and Site Selection Key summarize the resources at risk for each site.

The Geographic Response Strategies (GRS) and tactics described on this site and in the subarea plans, are NOT prescriptive in nature. They are recommended deployment configurations for initial responders. They can, and should, be adjusted to fit the current situation and environmental conditions.

A detailed description of the site selection process can be found here or by following the link under the Quick Links section.