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Alaska Geographic Response Strategies: Cook Inlet

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  • The Cook Inlet SCP is currently undergoing review. Notice of GRS related meetings and other pertinent information will be posted here. For other inquiries regarding the Cook Inlet SCP review, please contact decsparplannig@alaska.gov. (11/15/2015)
  • A draft GRS Site Evaluation form has been uploaded for review. We welcome your input, which should be sent to dec.spar.grs@alaska.gov. The most current version of this form will remain available in Quick Links section of this page. Thank you for helping to improve its usefulness. (11/10/15)

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This website is being used to assist the workgroup in the development of Geographic Response Strategies (GRS) to protect sensitive coastal environments in the Cook Inlet Subarea from marine oil spills. For this project the Cook Inlet Subarea has been divided into seven Geographic Response Zones, as shown on the map to the left. At this time, there are no GRS within the Whittier zone.

A workgroup has been formed to develop GRS for the Bristol Bay Subarea. Participants include Local, State and Federal resource trustee agencies and governments, local spill response experts, oil spill contingency plan holders and local individuals with knowledge of the area.

The Geographic Response Strategies (GRS) and tactics described on this site and in the subarea plans, are NOT prescriptive in nature. They are recommended deployment configurations for initial responders. They can, and should, be adjusted to fit the current situation and environmental conditions.