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Kodiak Geographic Response Strategies: Mainland Zone

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Site Selection

For each of the Geographic Response Strategy sites selected in the Mainland Zone of the Kodiak Subarea, a response strategy has been created by a survey team. The team visited the zone and was able to physically survey 17 of the 19 sites. The plans that were developed were then reviewed and edited by the entire Tactics Committee. The 2 additional sites were developed by the committee. The map at left identifies the GRS sites that have been selected for development. The link will display a map for each site which contains the GRS strategy and is accompanied by a table that describes the GRS.

The site selection matrix for the Mainland zone can be found on this link.

The Geographic Response Strategies (GRS) and tactics described on this site and in the subarea plans, are NOT prescriptive in nature. They are recommended deployment configurations for initial responders. They can, and should, be adjusted to fit the current situation and environmental conditions.

A detailed description of the site selection process can be found here or by following the link under the Quick Links section.