Division of Spill Prevention and Response


North Slope Geographic Response Strategies: Beaufort Sea Zone

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North Slope Beaufort Sea GRS

  • Sites selected for GRS development.
  1. B-1 Demarcation Bay
  2. B-2 Pingokraluk Lagoon
  3. B-3 Siku Lagoon
  4. B-4 Kongakut River Delta
  5. B-5 Siku Point
  6. B-6 Egaksrak Lagoon
  7. B-7 Nuvagapak Lagoon
  8. B-8 Angun Lagoon
  9. B-9 Pokok Bay
  10. B-10 Oruktalik Lagoon
  11. B-11 Tapkaurak Lagoon
  12. B-12 Jago River & Lagoon
  13. B-13 Bernard Harbor
  14. B-14 Kaktovik Lagoon
  15. B-15 Arey Lagoon
  16. B-16 Okpilak & Hulahula Rivers
  17. B-17 Nataroarok & Kajutakrok Creeks
  18. B-18 Sadlerochit River
  19. B-19 East Camden Bay
  20. B-20 Simpson Cove
  21. B-21 Katakturuk River
  22. B-22 Canning River Delta
  23. B-23 Staines River
  24. B-24 Flaxman Island
  25. B-25 McClure Islands
  26. B-26 Stockton Islands
  27. B-27 Mikkelsen Bay
  28. B-28 Tigvariak Island
  29. B-29 Shaviovik River Delta
  30. B-30 Foggy Island Bay
  31. B-31 Sagavanirktok River Delta
  32. B-32 Sagavanirktok River
  33. B-33 Midway Islands
  34. B-34 Heald Point
  35. B-35 Putuligayuk River
  36. B-36 Return Islands
  37. B-37 Kuparuk River
  38. B-38 Sakonowyak River
  39. B-39 Jones Islands
  40. B-40 Kavearak Point-Milne Point
  41. B-41 Ugnuravik River
  42. B-42 Kalubik Creek
  43. B-43 Colville River Delta
  44. B-44 Nechelik Channel
  45. B-45 Fish Creek
  46. B-46 Kalikpik River
  47. B-47 Atigaru Point
  48. B-48 Eskimo Islands
  49. B-49 Kogru River
  50. B-50 Pogik Bay
  51. B-51 Smith River
  52. B-52 East Smith Bay/Ikpikpuk River
  53. B-53 Piasuk River
  54. B-54 Sinclair River
  55. B-55 Plover Islands
  56. B-56 Alaktak/Chipp Rivers
  57. B-57 Oarlock Island
  58. B-58 Topagoruk River
  59. B-59 Meade River

Site Selection

For each of the GRS sites selected in the Beaufort Sea Zone of the North Slope Alaska Subarea, a response strategy will be created describing the Geographic Response Strategy for that site. The index map at left identifies the GRS selected sites.

The Geographic Response Strategies (GRS) and tactics described on this site and in the subarea plans, are NOT prescriptive in nature. They are recommended deployment configurations for initial responders. They can, and should, be adjusted to fit the current situation and environmental conditions.

A detailed description of the site selection process can be found here or by following the link under the Quick Links section.