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North Slope Geographic Response Strategies: Chukchi Sea Zone

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North Slope Chukchi Sea GRS

  • Sites selected for GRS development.
  1. C-1 Avak Creek
  2. C-2 Mayoeak River
  3. C-3 Ikpik Slough
  4. C-4 Nunavak Bay
  5. C-5 Walakpa River
  6. C-6 Seahorse Islands
  7. C-7 Kugrua Bay
  8. C-8 Wainwright Inlet/Kuk River
  9. C-9 Nokotlek River
  10. C-10 Avak River
  11. C-11 Kasegaluk Lagoon
  12. C-12 Icy Cape Pass
  13. C-13 Utukok River
  14. C-14 Kokolik River
  15. C-15 Kukpowruk River
  16. C-16 Kuchiak Creek
  17. C-17 Pitmegea River
  18. C-18 Ayugatak Creek
  19. C-19 Cape Lisburne
  20. C-20 Kukpuk River
  21. C-21 Marryat Inlet
  22. C-22 Cape Thompson

Site Selection

For each of the GRS sites selected in the Chukchi Sea Zone of the North Slope Alaska Subarea, a response strategy will be created describing the Geographic Response Strategy for that site. The index map at left identifies the GRS selected sites.

The Geographic Response Strategies (GRS) and tactics described on this site and in the subarea plans, are NOT prescriptive in nature. They are recommended deployment configurations for initial responders. They can, and should, be adjusted to fit the current situation and environmental conditions.

A detailed description of the site selection process can be found here or by following the link under the Quick Links section.