Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Marine Vessels Section

Section Manager: John Kotula
(907) 835-3037

The Marine Vessels Section of the Prevention Preparedness and Response Program is tasked with the protection of public safety and the environment through implementation of State of Alaska oil spill prevention and response regulations for marine vessels and railroads.

The section oversees the review and approval of oil discharge prevention and contingency plans that cover:

  • The transport of crude oil or petroleum products in bulk upon Alaskan waters

  • All vessels over 400 gross tons navigating Alaskan waters

  • Railroads carrying oil or petroleum products

The section's primary activities include:

  • Reviewing contingency plan applications, renewals and amendments

  • Inspecting vessels and response equipment

  • Conducting contingency plan verification drills and exercises

  • Assisting industry with contingency plan development and implementation

Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plans regulations are found at 18 AAC 75.400.  Statute and Regulation citations are also imbedded throughout the website and  a link to them is located on the right hand bar of each page.


Double-hulled tanker sailing unladen without escorts; picture courtesy of the Alaska Tanker Company.

Prevention and Response Tug (PRT) applying direct stopping/turning forces to laden tanker in Port Valdez. Photo courtesy of Alyeska Pipeline/ the Ship Escort Response Vessel System (SERVS).