Division of Spill Prevention and Response


About the Permits Tool

How the Tool Was Developed

The Alaska Spill Response Permits Tool was developed to help users identify, fill out, and file with the appropriate agency many of the forms and permits required to carry out an effective spill response. It was developed through a cooperative work group process that included representatives of the state and federal agencies whose permit forms are included in the tool, as well as representatives from the oil industry and oil spill response organizations.

The Permits Tool links to more than 40 permit applications and other forms, as well as guidance, contacts and other helpful information. The forms are those most commonly required to conduct an oil spill response in Alaska and were reviewed by the appropriate state or federal agency before they were included in this tool. They exist within a larger oil spill response framework embodied in the Alaska Unified Plan (see http://dec.alaska.gov/spar/PPR/plans/uc.htm).

How the Tool is Organized

All of the Permits Tool content is categorized in two different ways

In the Agency list, links to forms and information are grouped by relevant state or federal agency or other organization. Not every state and federal agency with an interest in a particular response may be represented in the Permits Tool. The agencies represented are those whose forms or authorizations are commonly required for many routine emergency phase oil spill response functions. During a response, it is important to verify permit requirements with the Unified Command, trustee agencies, and other officials.

The Activity list helps a user locate forms and information associated with specific response activities. The list of activities is not exhaustive; it is limited to major types of response actions with associated forms and information on this website.

Software Requirements

The Permits Tool links to forms and documents stored in Portable Document Format (PDF). Free Adobe Reader® software provides full functionality with the Permits Tool forms, allowing you to fill in your information and save and print copies of completed forms. Some web browsers may allow you to accomplish the same tasks with the Reader plug-in installed.

Most Permits Tool forms are interactive forms with electronic fields for data entry. Reader’s autocomplete feature, which suggests data for a field based on previous entries, can be used with this type of form.


Data entry with autocomplete enabled and fields highlighted in an interactive form

Some less-commonly-used forms are “flat” forms that don’t have electronic fields.  These must be filled in using the typewriter tool.  Place the typewriter tool cursor anywhere you need to enter text, and then click to start typing.  Autocomplete will not work with this type of form.


Data entry in a flat form using the typewriter tool

The typewriter tool is available in Adobe Reader versions 7.0.5 and newer. Download the current version of Reader by following the link below.

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