Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Unified Plan


Alaska Federal/State PreparednessPlan for Response to Oil & Hazardous Substance Discharges/Releases (Unified Plan)


Change 3 (January 2010)


Public Review and Comment period ended June 15, 2015.  Comments are currently under review by the Alaska Regional Response Team (ARRT).

For additional assistance, please call or email:

Jade Gamble, ADEC, 907-262-3421

Introduction (PDF 1.66MB)
Annex A - Introduction (PDF 527K)
Annex B -- Unified Response Organization (PDF 178K)
Annex C --Operational Administration (PDF 161K)
Annex D --Plan Review And Update Procedures And Schedule (Updated Dec 2015, PDF 138K)
Annex E -- Summary Of Area Resources (PDF 764K)

Annex F -- Chemical Countermeasures

Appendix 1: Oil Dispersant Guidelines (Updated Jan 2016, PDF 2.7MB)

Appendix 2 & 3: In Situ Burning Guidelines & Technology Protocols (PDF 636K)

Annex G -- Wildlife Protection Guidelines For Alaska (Updated Oct 2012, PDF 1.99MB)
Annex H -- Health, Safety And Training (PDF 224K)
Annex I -- Public Affairs (PDF 598K)
Annex J --Radiological Response Procedures (PDF 246K)
Annex K --Applicable Memoranda Of Understanding/Agreement(MOU/MOA) (PDF 160K)
Annex L --Hazardous Materials (PDF 634K)
Annex M --Historic Properties Protection Guidelines for Alaska Federal On-Scene Coordinators (PDF 151K)
Annex N --Shoreline Cleanup And Assessment Guidelines (PDF 18K)
Annex O -- Places of Refuge Guidelines (Updated September 2013, PDF 280K)
Annex P – Marine Firefighting, Vessel Salvage & Lightering (PDF 177K)
Annex V – Volunteers (PDF 19K)

Annex Z --Definitions And Acronyms (PDF 72K)



Recommendations to improve the Unified Plan are always welcome and can be submitted to http://www.alaskarrt.org/Comment/Default.aspx or decsparplanning@alaska.gov. Please write “*** Unified Plan Feedback ***” in your subject line to ensure your comments can be queried and prioritized by agency planning staff.