Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Unified Plan


Alaska Federal/State PreparednessPlan for Response to Oil & Hazardous Substance Discharges/Releases (Unified Plan)


Process for Community Outreach


The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, U.S. Coast Guard, and Environmental Protection Agency are updating portions of Annex B of the Unified Plan relating to the Regional Stakeholders Committee process. These changes clarify and strengthen the process for community and stakeholder participation and outreach during an oil spill or hazardous materials release.


We request interested parties to review the updated draft and provide feedback prior to April 29, 2016. Comments received after this date will be considered during the next Unified Plan update cycle. Written comments are public records and are publicly available. The ADEC, USCG and EPA comply with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If you require special accommodations to participate in this process, please contact Natalie Wolfe at (907) 269-0291; dial TDD Relay Service at 1-800-770-8973/TTY; or dial 711 to ensure accommodations are provided.


Feedback can be submitted electronically to: http://alaskarrt.org/comment/Default.aspx


by e-mail to decsparplanning@alaska.gov


or by mail to:

Jade Gamble, ADEC,

43335 Kalifornsky Beach Road, Suite 11,

Soldotna, AK 99669.

Proposed Unified Plan Update March 2016

Introduction (PDF 1.66MB)
Annex A - Introduction (PDF 527K)
Annex B -- Unified Response Organization (PDF 178K)
Annex C --Operational Administration (PDF 161K)
Annex D --Plan Review And Update Procedures And Schedule (Updated Dec 2015, PDF 138K)
Annex E -- Summary Of Area Resources (PDF 764K)

Annex F -- Chemical Countermeasures

Appendix 1: Oil Dispersant Guidelines (Updated Jan 2016, PDF 2.7MB)

Appendix 2 & 3: In Situ Burning Guidelines & Technology Protocols (PDF 636K)

Annex G -- Wildlife Protection Guidelines For Alaska (Updated Oct 2012, PDF 1.99MB)
Annex H -- Health, Safety And Training (PDF 224K)
Annex I -- Public Affairs (PDF 598K)
Annex J --Radiological Response Procedures (PDF 246K)
Annex K --Applicable Memoranda Of Understanding/Agreement(MOU/MOA) (PDF 160K)
Annex L --Hazardous Materials (PDF 634K)
Annex M --Historic Properties Protection Guidelines for Alaska Federal On-Scene Coordinators (PDF 151K)
Annex N --Shoreline Cleanup And Assessment Guidelines (PDF 18K)
Annex O -- Places of Refuge Guidelines (Updated September 2013, PDF 280K)
Annex P – Marine Firefighting, Vessel Salvage & Lightering (PDF 177K)
Annex V – Volunteers (PDF 19K)

Annex Z --Definitions And Acronyms (PDF 72K)



Recommendations to improve the Unified Plan are always welcome and can be submitted to http://www.alaskarrt.org/Comment/Default.aspx or decsparplanning@alaska.gov. Please write “*** Unified Plan Feedback ***” in your subject line to ensure your comments can be queried and prioritized by agency planning staff.