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ADEC-SPAR Spill Response Exercise Schedule

The purpose of the online exercise schedule is to raise awareness of when oil spill response exercises are occurring and to provide a multi-year scheduling tool to allow exercise planners to proactively schedule exercises for the life cycle of their ODPCP. The exercises listed on the schedule are those exercises that ADEC plans to either conduct or participate in as budgets and permitting workloads allow.

Please consider the following when scheduling exercises:

  • Notify the ADEC plan reviewer of the tentative date of the exercise well in advance of the exercise.
  • Involve the ADEC plan reviewer in the exercise planning process starting with the first planning team meeting.
  • Avoid scheduling multiple exercises on the same day.
  • Avoid scheduling exercises within the same ADEC unit in the same week.

Note: The drills/exercises listed on this schedule are those in which ADEC staff plan to either conduct or participate in (budget and workload permitting). The State Fiscal Year (FY) runs from July 1st to June 30th.

Abbreviations and Acronyms:

ACC Alaska Chadux Corporation IAP Incident Action Plan
APSC Alyeska Pipeline Service Company IMT Incident Management Team
ARRC Alaska Railroad Corporation MAD Mutual Aid Drill (North Slope)
ASRC Arctic Slope Regional Corporation PLMP Pipeline Milepost (APSC)
BPXA BP Exploration Alaska PWS Prince William Sound
CANUSDIX Canadian/US Coast Guard Dixon Entrance SEAPRO Southeast Alaska Petroleum Response Organization
CCG Canadian Coast Guard SERVS Ship Escort/Response Vessel System
CISPRI Cook Inlet spill Prevention and Response Inc. SPAR Spill Prevention and Response Division (DEC)
CY Calendar Year TAPS Trans Alaska Pipeline System
DEC Dept of Environmental Conservation (State of Alaska) TBD To be determined
DMVA Dept of Military and Veterans Affairs (State of Alaska TOWEX Vessel Towing Exercise
DOD Department of Defense USCG United States Coast Guard
ETS Emergency Towing System VEOC Valdez Emergency Operations Center
FEOC Fairbanks Emergency Operations Center VMT Valdez Marine Terminal (APSC)
FY Fiscal Year WCD Worst Case Discharge