Division of Spill Prevention and Response



There are always conditions unique to a site and incident that are beyond the control of persons responding to a spill, and that may affect treatment performance. Accordingly, using this manual will not guarantee specific results. Safety of site workers, the public, and wildlife is the highest priority in all situations and should supersede all other considerations during a response operation. Detailed information about safety requirements and procedures are not provided in this manual. Individuals should consult their company’s safety officers to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Some of the information in this manual is adapted from the Alaska Clean Seas Technical Manual. Alaska Clean Seas (ACS) believes that the information and procedures contained in the ACS Technical Manual are well founded; many of the procedures are based on actual experiences in the environments where these procedures are intended to apply. Nonetheless, ACS and its members expressly disclaim that the procedures provided in the ACS Technical Manual, even if followed correctly and competently, will necessarily produce any specific results. Implementation of the recommendations and procedures contained in this manual and the ACS Technical Manual is at the sole risk of the user.

The most recent version of the ACS Technical Manual can be downloaded for free from the ACS website (http://www.alaskacleanseas.org).

Updated: 12/20/2010