Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Contact: Unified Command Public Affairs
(907) 463-2863
cell: (907) 321-1889

Unified Command Situation Report

There is no change in the LeConte's overall stability. Safety for the salvage operators and involved parties remains a high priority.

All of the passenger vehicles have been safely offloaded without incident to a barge towed by the tug Chahunta, which will arrive in Sitka around 1 PM today. The Chahunta will return on-scene to act as a support vessel for the operation.

The vessel American Salvor arrived on scene at 1000 today to assist in salvage operations, but there is no word on when the refloat will begin. The weather for salvage operations is favorable.

Approximately 2500 gallons of fuel remain on board to run generators, after the safe lightering of 16,600 gallons.

Several vessels will be departing the scene, the Poundstone, the Neka Bay and the tug Thunderbird.

The vessel transit plan drafted by the Unified Command is nearly complete. Crowley Marine Services, Inc. will assume control of the salvage operations.