Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Incident Description

North End of Long Island off of Kodiak Harbor., Kodiak AK. At Latitude 57-47.15N, Longitude 152-15.65W.


A “few gallons” of bilge oil is reported by the operators to have been discharged from the flooded engine room of the vessel as indicated by the Alaska State Trooper report. The Coast Guard advises that 8,000 gallons of #2 diesel fuel are on board the vessel contained in two 7,500 gallon tanks. Each tank has approximately 4,000 gallons in it. This presents an imminent threat to the environment.


The vessel grounded on Long Island off of Kodiak. The cause of the grounding is under investigation by the Coast Guard.

Time/Date of Spill 2:00 AM, August 5, 2004
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