Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Marathon Beaver Creek Pad 1-A
Incident Description
Location Beaver Creek Unit, Pad 1-A, Kenai, Alaska
Product/Quantity Marathon Oil reports that about 250 barrels (10,500 gallons) of produced fluids (produced water and natural gas condensate) were spilled. This estimate is based upon a review of their injection well records.
Cause A check valve froze which caused a 1½ inch line to split between a skim tank and gas processing equipment.
Time/Date of Spill

The spill was discovered at 9:10 AM, November 11, 2004. The actual time when the spill occurred remains under investigation by Marathon personnel. The spill was reported to the ADEC at 12:30 pm on November 11, 2004 .

Situation Reports
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