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Unified Command Photo Gallery
Date Description
12/08/2004 Aerial views of the vessel
12/09/2004 Images from ADFG overflight
12/11/2004 Various images: aerial views of vessel; command center operations; response vessels
12/12/2004 Images from ADEC overflight
12/13/2004 Images of oil on beaches; aerial view of vessel
12/14/2004 Aerial view of vessel; soybeans on beach.
12/15/2004 Aerial views from 12/15/2004 overflight
12/15/2004 Booming operations in Portage Bay
12/16/2004 Wildlife rescue operations; oiled shoreline in Humpback Bay and Skan Bay
12/16/2004 Aerial views from 12/16/2004 overflight
12/16/2004 Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Dutch Harbor
12/17/2004 Bird rescue operations
12/17/2004 Aerial views of vessel from 12/17/2004 overflight
12/17/2004 Overflight images showing boom in Portage Bay and Anderson Bay. Oily marsh in Portage Bay.
12/17/2004 Bird treatment facility; oiled beach at Spray Cape; aerial views of vessel.
12/17/2004 Booming operations in Pumicestone Bay.
12/23/2004 Aerial view of vessel from 12/23/2004 overflight.
12/24/2004 Bogoslof Island
12/25/2004 Responders enjoy Christmas dinner courtesy of the townspeople of Unalaska.
12/25/2004 Images from 12/25/2004 overflight. Tarballs off of Tarasof Point.
12/27/2004 Images from 12/27/2004 overflight. Boomed stream; aerial views of vessel; soybeans on beach.
12/27/2004 Images from 12/27/2004 overflight and beach surveys. Oil on beaches. Photo of Unified Command
12/28/2004 Images from 12/28/2004 overflight and beach surveys at Portage Bay and Spray Cape.
12/28/2004 Images of beach cleanup operations.
12/30/2004 CurrentBuster booming system, deployment in Dutch Harbor for testing and crew familiarization.
12/31/2004 Images from 12/31/2004 overflight. Aerial views of vessel; boomed streams.
01/01/2005 Waste disposal site; lightering operations
01/01/2005 Shoreline cleanup crew with helicopter
01/02/2005 Aerial dispersant system test in Dutch Harbor.
01/03/2005 Images from 1/3/05 overflight. Aerial views of vessel; containment boom; beach cleanup activities.
01/03/2005 Images of lightering fuel from the stern section of the vessel.
01/04/2005 Lightering operation; view of vessel bow.
01/05/2005 Images from the Fisheries Water Quality Sampling program.
01/06/2005 Images of lightering, hatch cover onshore, meeting aboard the vessel, and repeater equipment test.
01/06/2005 Images of the command post, a Jan. 5 public meeting in Unalaska, and lightering operations.
01/06/2005 Lightering operations
01/08/2005 Images of the interim storage facilities for lightered oil and for oily solid waste.
01/08/2005 F/V Silent Lady; oily debris in Skan Bay; Skan Bay cleanup
01/09/2005 Images of bird carcass collection, lightering operations, and shoreline cleanup .
01/12/2005 Images of tarballs on shore in Captain's Bay, lightering operations, and bird carcass removal.
01/14/2005 Seafood inspection; tarball
01/15/2005 Salvage operations aboard the Selendang Ayu
01/15/2005 Seafood inspection
01/18/2005 Solid waste facility
01/18/2005 Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Team (SCAT) images
01/19/2005 Cleanup workers in Skan Bay, shoreline segment SKN-14; SCAT work at Kof Point
01/20/2005 Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Team (SCAT) workers in Anderson Bay; tar patty at Tarasof Point
01/20/2005 Bags of cleanup waste; shoreline survey
01/21/2005 Command Center
01/21/2005 Seafood inspection
01/21/2005 Shoreline cleanup
01/22/2005 Cleanup operations in Skan Bay, SKN-14
01/22/2005 Lightering operations; waste disposal operations;
01/23/2005 Cleanup operations in Skan Bay, SKN-14; response vessels
01/24/2005 Seafood inspection; shoreline cleanup
01/25/2005 Shoreline cleanup
01/26/2005 Response personnel speak to high school students; fisheries interview; lightering
01/26/2005 Shoreline cleanup
01/27/2005 SCAT operations; lightering operations; shoreline cleanup operations
01/28/2005 ADEC Environmental Health Officer interview
01/30/2005 Tarballs found on shore of Unalaska Bay
01/31/2005 SCAT operations
02/01/2005 Selendang Ayu
02/02/2005 Testing the Super SeaRover remote operated vehicle (ROV)
02/03/2005 Before and after pictures, cleanup operations at Portage Bay
02/04/2005 Before and after pictures, cleanup operations at Skan Bay
02/07/2005 Cleanup operations
02/09/2005 View of Selendang Ayu. Bow is completely submerged.
03/05/2005 Images of vessel and nearby shore; Wide Bay beach survey; Little South America shoreline assessment
03/12/2005 Aerial view of vessel; soybeans on beach; tar balls on beach in Skan Bay.
03/12/2005 Beach surveys
03/19/2005 Beach surveys; aerial view of vessel
04/03/2005 Images from overflight. Skan Bay, Soy Bean Beach
04/06/2005 SCAT team training
04/09/2005 Subsistence Forum in Dutch Harbor; SCAT Supplies at Anchorage Warehouse
04/10/2005 SCAT operations
04/25/2005 SCAT operations Skan Bay segment 14 (SKN-14)
04/28/2005 SCAT operations Skan Bay segment 14 (SKN-14)
04/28/2005 SCAT operations Skan Bay segment 14 (SKN-14)
04/30/2005 Cleanup operations Skan Bay segment 14 (SKN-14)
05/17/2005 Cleanup operations Skan Bay segment 11 (SKN-11)
05/13/2005 Cleanup operations May 13-22, 2005
06/03/2005 Cleanup operations May 22-June 3, 2005
06/06/2005 Cleanup operations June 6-13, 2005
06/04/2005 Cleanup operations June 4-16, 2005
06/17/2005 Makushin Bay stream, before and after cleanup
07/01/2005 Dry Tilling Operations, beach segment SKN05
07/09/2005 Views of wreck
07/09/2005 Wreck Monitoring
01/03/2005 Bean Beach (SPR 11) -- photos taken January 3 - July 14, 2005
08/14/2005 Salvage operations.
08/15/2005 Salvage operation photos taken at deck level.
08/24/2005 ADEC officials tour
09/07/2005 Deckhouse removal operation
09/07/2005 PEST Team at Makushin Bay
09/07/2005 Cleanup and salvage operations
09/11/2005 Salvage operations -- materials removed from the Selendang Ayu's superstucture bundled for transferring.
09/12/2005 Cleanup operations
09/13/2005 Salvage operations
10/12/2005 Salvage operations
10/24/2005 Selendang Ayu breaks up; pictures of emulsified oil
10/24/2005 Stern section of Selendang Ayu near Spray Cape beach
11/2/2005 Stern section of Selendang Ayu
11/19/2005 Aerial photos of the Selendang Ayu stern section.
11/30/2005 Aerial photos of the Selendang Ayu stern section.
12/01/2005 Photos of the Selendang Ayu stern section and adjacent shoreline.
01/09/2006 Aerial photos of the Selendang Ayu
02/19/2006 Aerial photos of the Selendang Ayu
04/23/2006 Aerial photos of the Selendang Ayu
05/13/2006 Aerial view of Selendang Ayu
05/16/2006 SCAT operations (May 16-18, 2006)
05/26/2006 Cleanup operations (May 26-27)
06/01/2001 Cleanup and salvage operations (May 30-June 1)
06/07/2006 Cleanup and salvage operations
06/12/2006 Cleanup and salvage operations
06/14/2006 Cleanup operations (June 14-18)
06/22/2006 June 22 overflight -- salvage operations
05/18/2008 Salvage operations