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Beach Survey Update #4
On 3/4/05, tarball beach surveys were conducted at the Spit, Front Beach, and Little South America. One tarball that appeared to be new was observed on Little South America and removed from the beach (Photo 4-1).

Photo 4-1

Photo 4-2

Photo 4-3

Photo 4-4

Photo 4-5

Photo 4-6
On 3/5/05, the passive sampling devices (PSD) in Unalaska Bay were checked and reset. No oil was observed on any of the PSDs. A beach survey was conducted at Wide Bay in conjunction with an overflight. Oiled tarballs were observed in the upper intertidal area and in the lower intertidal area. The tarballs in the lower intertidal (Photo 4-2) area appeared to be “fresher” than those higher up along the tide line (Photo 4-3).
On 3/6/05, beach surveys were conducted at Summer Bay and Little South America. At Summer Bay, 4 small tarballs (1-2 cm) were observed (Photo 4-4). At Little South America, 20-30 tarballs were observed, and these are believed to be new (i.e. were not present during the previous survey on 3/4/05). (Photo 4-5 and 4-6)