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Fisheries Water Quality Sampling Program: Summary of Results

This report consolidates and synthesizes the data collected during the M/V Selendang Ayu fisheries water quality sampling program. Raw data from the fisheries water quality sampling program is presented in map and table form, with interpretive text to illuminate the results maps. The report does not attempt to draw any conclusions about the extent of oiling from the M/V Selendang Ayu incident or its impacts to the Aleutian Islands or Bering Sea fisheries.

NOTE: Due to the extensive use of graphics, the file size for complete report is quite large. If you have trouble downloading the complete report, you might try downloading the document in sections.

Download Complete Report (ZIP 12.00MB)
Download by Section
pp 1-25, Title page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary (PDF 2.5MB)
pp 26-37, Unalaska Bay Tow Results (PDF 1.46MB)
pp 38-40, Unalaska Bay Pot Results (PDF 1.0MB)
pp 41-44, Unalaska Bay Strainer Results (PDF 5.7MB)
pp 45-51, Unalaska Beach Survey Results (PDF 2.8MB )
pp 52-55, East of Unalaska Bay Results (PDF 3.89MB)
pp 56-61, Spill Impact Zone Results ( PDF 4.62MB)
pp 62-64, South of Spill Results (PDF 970K)
pp 65-116, Discussion and Appendices (PDF 1.64MB)