Division of Spill Prevention and Response


M/V Seafari
Incident Description
Location Gastineau Channel, up against the Egan Expressway in the vicinity of Norway Point, Juneau
Product/Quantity Potential spill only. The vessel had approximately 600 gallons of mixed diesel and water aboard which has been pumped off.
Cause Potential spill only. The vessel broke free from its moorings for an as-yet undetermined cause, drifted up the Gastineau Channel and into the road embankment where the falling tide left it high and dry, resting firmly on its keel.
Time/Date of Spill Potential spill only. Vessel grounded at about 03:00 A.M. this morning, March 28, 2005. ADEC was notified of the grounding by the USCG Marine Safety Office (MSO) Juneau at 08:40 this morning.
Situation Reports
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