Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Incident Description
Location Whitestone Harbor , located approximately 13 miles east of Hoonah on Chichagof Island ; 30 miles southwest of Juneau .
Product/Quantity The total amount of product spilled is unknown. Light sheen was reported to have been observed around the vessel immediately following the sinking and some additional sheen appeared after the vessel was moved to the place of refuge inside Whitestone Harbor. Approximately 5000 gallons of diesel was on board the vessel at the time that it sank.
Cause The 58’ fishing seiner hit a rock on the way into the harbor and sank. The bow section sustained a tear approximately 1.5 inches high and 2 feet long.
Time/Date of Spill The vessel sank at approximately 5:00 AM on July 25, 2005.
Situation Reports
07/25/2005 (PDF 136K)  
07/27/2005 (PDF 82K)  
07/29/2005 (PDF 128K)  
08/01/2005 (PDF 121K)  
08/05/2005 (PDF 41K) -- FINAL  
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