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Photos and Video
updated 7/10/2006 -- Tundra regrowth.

View to the east.  Tundra growth is present.  The sprinkler system is visible, but not in operation.

Tundra mat growth. View to the north.  Tundra growth is present.  The sprinkler system is visible, but not in operation. View to the west.  Tundra growth is present.  The sprinkler system is visible, but not in operation.


Latest Photos (updated 4/28/2006, 8:30 AM)
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Trimmer operations (MPG, 4.98MB)
Sweeper removing snow and ice (MPG, 6.11MB)
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Spill Response Updates

Current Situation


03/28/2008 -- FINAL (PDF 40K)

  Previous Situation Reports
Incident Action Plan
  17 March 2006 1900 to 20 March 2006 1900 (PDF 1.91MB)
  Previous Incident Action Plans
Other Plans
  Tundra Treatment (Revised 03/18/2006, PDF 329K)
  Clean-up Project Team Transition (03/18/2006 PDF 1.69MB)
  Snow Berm Removal (03/15/2006, PDF 46K)
  Snow Melt (03/15/2006, PDF 46K)
  Trimming Protocol Demonstration (03/15/2006, PDF 61K)
  Wildlife Interaction and Deterrence (03/15/2006, PDF 107K)
  Source Control (PDF 12K)
  Volume Estimation Protocol (PDF27K)
  Waste Management (updated 03/06/2006 PDF 282K)
  Site Safety
Press Releases and Fact Sheets
Unified Command Press Releases
  03/10/2006 -- UPDATE 6: Unified Command Arrives at Spill Volume Estimate
Related Document: Volume Estimation Presentation (PDF 553K)
  03/07/2006 -- UPDATE 5: ¼ inch hole found in line, crude source under control
  03/06/2006 -- UPDATE 4: UC develops plan to estimate spill volume and excavation begins
  03/05/2006 -- UPDATE 3: Source of Crude Oil Leak Located; Clean-up Continues
  03/04/2006 -- UPDATE 2: 570 Barrels of Fluid Recovered to Date; 24-Hour Clean-up Continues
  03/03/2006 -- UPDATE 1: Response Continues on Prudhoe Bay Spill
Response Plans, Maps and Related Information
  Alaska Federal and State Preparedness Plan for Response to Oil and Hazardous Substance Discharges and Releases
  North Slope Subarea Contingency Plan for Oil and Hazardous Substance Discharges/Releases
  Alaska Incident Management System (AIMS) Guide
Fact Sheets
  Prudhoe Bay (courtesy of BP, PDF 72K)
  Separation Facilities (courtesy of BP, PDF 474K)
Maps and Aerial Photos
  Oil Depth (map created 3/14/2006, PDF 1.2 MB)
  Oil Spill Location Grid (revised 3/12/2006, PDF 269K)
  Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIRR) Overlay map of spill area (March 3, 2006)

Aerial view of CC-2, storage location for contaminated snow and ice removed from the spill site.

  Prudhoe Bay Production Facilities (courtesy of BP, PDF 72K)
  Map showing extent of spill (PDF 594K)

Map showing facility location
400 x 298 (PNG 68K)
800 x 596 (PNG 268K)

  Additional Maps and related resources
Technical Information Weather
Information about NS Crude Oil
  NOAA Fact Sheet (PDF 406K)
Oil Cleanup on Tundra
  Tundra Treatment Manual. Literature review and tundra cleanup guidelines.
  NWS Public Weather Forecast (Central Beaufort Sea Coast including Nuiqsut, Prudhoe Bay, Alpine, Deadhorse, Kuparuk)
For More Information
Daren Beaudo, BP (907) 564-5404
Lynda Giguere, DEC Office: (907) 465-5009; Cell: (907) 321-5491
BP (BP Alaska website)
EPA (Region 10 Response Information)
Alaska Clean Seas
Alaska Regional Response Team
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
North Slope Borough