Division of Spill Prevention and Response


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Unified Command Photo Gallery
Date Description
  File photo of GC-2
03/02/2006 Photos taken during an overflight to determine the extent of the spill.
03/03/2006 Photos of the GC-2 Oil Transit Line Spill response.
03/04/2006 Photos of the GC-2 Oil Transit Line Spill response.
03/05/2006 Photos of leak source
03/05/2006 Cleanup operations
03/06/2005 Various photos of response operations.
03/06/2005 More photos of response operations.
03/07/2006 Cleanup operations.
03/07/2006 More photos of cleanup operations.
03/08/2006 Response operations.
03/09/2006 Spill delineation; snow removal.
03/11/2006 Repaired pipe; response operations.
03/13/2006 Overflight photos taken 3/13/2006.
03/16/2006 Trimming operations.
03/19/2006 Trimming operations
03/19/2006 Cleanup operations
03/20/2006 Cleanup operations
03/26/2006 Cleanup operations
04/02/2006 Cleanup operations, Area 4
04/03/2006 Cleanup operations
04/05/2006 Cleanup operations
04/06/2006 Cleanup operations
04/07/2006 Cleanup operations
04/08/2006 Cleanup operations
04/09/2006 Cleanup operations
04/12/2006 Cleanup operations
04/13/2006 Cleanup operations
04/14/2006 Cleanup operations
04/15/2006 Aerial photos of site


Cleanup operations
04/20/2006 Cleanup operations, placing vegetation mat.
04/21/2006 Cleanup operations, placing vegetation mat.
04/22/2006 Rehabilitation operations
04/23/2006 Rehabilitation operations
04/24/2006 Rehabilitation operations
07/06/2006 Tundra regrowth.