Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Kuparuk 2M-Pad Pipeline Release

Incident Description
Location Kuparuk Oil Field near Deadhorse, AK.

Produced water with a trace amount of crude oil. CPAI estimated that from 250 to 500 gallons of produced water was released to snow-covered tundra. An additional 200 gallons were collected in a portable tank that was placed under the release point after the leak was discovered.

Cause The investigation team has determined that internal corrosion of the pipe wall was the cause of the spill. CPAI is continuing to perform a comprehensive ‘physical causes failure’ analysis and additional evaluation of the affected pipe. ADEC staff from the Prevention Preparedness and Response Program are monitoring this analysis to ensure prevention measures are implemented as necessary.
Time/Date of Incident The spill was first discovered by a ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. (CPAI) operator at 4:15 PM, March 9, 2006. The spill was reported to ADEC by CPAI at 4:37 PM, March 9, 2006.
Situation Reports
03/09/2006 (PDF 37K)  
03/10/2006 (PDF 37K)  
03/13/2006 (PDF 37K)  
03/15/2006 (PDF 22K)  
03/23/2006 (PDF 37K)  
04/12/2006 (PDF21K) -- FINAL  
Closeup photo of patch. Closeup photo of patch. Drain installed to facilitate de-inventory of pipe.
Photo of two release points with patches in place.
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