Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Incident Description
Location 1601 Tidewater Road, Port of Anchorage
Product/Quantity The line is a low-pressure jet and diesel fuel transfer line. Currently, the type of product is suspected to be Jet A and amount spilled is yet to be confirmed.

The PRP reported the indication of a leak as a result of pressure testing. A section of the line between the Tesoro’s Anchorage Terminal 1 yard and the initial excavation point has been identified as the source of the leak.

Time/Date of Incident A leak was discovered on July 19, 2006 during an annual pressure test of a 10-inch fuel transfer line that is 1,900 feet in length, between Tesoro’s Anchorage Terminal 1 and the Port of Anchorage valve yard. The PRP reported the possible discharge to ADEC at 7:13 PM on July 19, 2006.
Situation Reports

07/21/2006 (PDF 149K)

07/24/2006 (PDF 96 K)  
07/27/2006 (PDF 20K)  
08/18/2006 (PDF 107K) -- FINAL  
For more information
ADEC S.O.S.C. Gary Folley, 398-4368
Tesoro Corporation Public Affairs Kip Knudson, 382-0219
U.S. Coast Guard Public Affairs Sarah Francis, 321-4510