Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Incident Description
Location The vessel ran aground on the northeast coast of Evans Island at location 60° 6.28’N, 147° 53.40W.
Product/Quantity The actual amount spilled was found to be 80 -100 gallons, after the vessel was brought to port and the holed tank was measured.
Cause The F/V Northern Endurance is a 70 foot long steel hulled salmon tender that due to poor visibility and lack of sleep ran aground on Evans Island. The hull and the 300 gallon day tank were breached.
Time/Date of Incident 4:00 PM on August 13, 2006. The incident was reported to ADEC via NRC report at 9:58 PM on August 13, 2006.
Situation Reports
08/16/2006 (PDF 173K) --FINAL  
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