Division of Spill Prevention and Response


M/V Pegasus Sinking

Incident Description
Location off Sunshine Cove on the east side of Lynn Canal. Sunshine Cove is 28 miles northwest of Juneau.
Product/Quantity A small quantity of oil discharged immediately after the vessel sank, but the amount of product spilled is unknown at this time. Aproximately 1200 gallons of diesel fuel was on board the vessel as well as unknown quantities of lubricating and hydraulic oils.
Cause The cause of the sinking is under investigation by the US Coast Guard.
Time/Date of Incident At approximately 11:30 AM, July 24, 2007
Situation Reports
07/25/2007 (PDF 37K)
07/26/2007 (PDF 39K)
07/27/2007 (PDF 16K) --FINAL
The bow of the Pegasus remains above the surface off the entrance to Sunshine Cove. Two containers floated free during the sinking of the Pegasus are secured to the entrance island off Sunshine Cove. Oil released during the initial sinking of the Pegasus is recovered in sorbent pads laid down by the U.S. Coast Guard.  
Additional oil spill response gear including 20-inch containment boom and this pallet of sorbent pads is removed from the ADEC local response container at Auke Bay for loading on the David V. ADEC containment boom set around the Pegasus. The David V loads salvage gear and additional ADEC containment boom.  
Containment and sorbent boom are set around the vessel in case of oil releases. Salvors prepare to move Pegasus inshore to stabilize her the evening of July 25 th.    
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