Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Atqasuk NSB Power Plant Glycol Spill

Incident Description
Incident Location Map Location Village of Atqasuk, approximately 60 miles south of Barrow.
Product/Quantity The PRP estimated 1,500 gallons of Dowtherm* SR-1 Heat Transfer Fluid was released. Dowtherm* is composed of 95% Ethylene Glycol.
Cause Leak from a flow line in the NSB power plant hydronic system. The cause and source of the leak is under investigation.
Time/Date of Incident The spill was discovered by the powerhouse operators and reported to ADEC at 09:30 AM on August 20, 2008. The North Slope Borough reported the incident to ADEC at 1:00 PM on August 21, 2008.
Situation Reports
08/22/2008 (PDF 33K)



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Ed Meggert, ADEC, 451-2124