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updated May 4, 2009 -- images from April 27 and 29, 2009
Mississippi Voyager in Kachemak Bay.
Photo of Chevron flagged vessel Mississippi Voyager on April 27 in Kachemak Bay. After inspection by ADEC, vessel is preparing to depart for Drift River to unload oil from tank farm.
Mississippi Voyager, accompanied by the tug, Vigilant, at Drift River Terminal.
Drift River Terminal May 1, 2009

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Incident Information

map(updated 4/22/2009)

Mount Redoubt initially erupted on March 22, 2009 at 10:38 PM, followed by several other eruptions, with the most significant occurring on April 4, 2009. The resultant lahars (or volcanic mudflows) caused extensive flooding at the Drift River Oil Terminal (DROT). However, no oil or hazardous substance releases occurred from either of the two operational tanks. No damage to the protective tertiary dike system or the individual tank secondary containment systems occurred during these significant lahar flooding events.

On March 31, 2009 an Incident Command Post was activated at the Sheraton Hotel in Anchorage. A Unified Command (UC) consisting of the USCG FOSC, ADEC SOSC, and the CIPL Incident Commander was established and provided unified response objectives. The primary objectives are to ensure the protection of citizens and response personnel and the protection of the environment. To better facilitate meeting these objectives, three workgroups (Facility Restart/Oil Movement, Spill Response, and Lahar/Flood Forecasting) were established and daily Incident Action Plans were generated.

On April 6, 2009 the T/V Seabulk Arctic completed the transfer of approximately 60% of the crude oil from the two tanks in service at the DROT facility. Both operational tanks were ballasted with seawater as a precaution to keep the tanks from floating, if a significant flood should occur at the facility.

On the evening of April 6, 2009 all CIPL crew were safely evacuated from the DROT and Christy Lee loading platform. The command post was deactivated on April 7, 2009 and response personnel were placed on standby.

The UC will continue to meet every Tuesday to discuss the situation and determine additional actions as necessary.

The Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council hosted a town hall meeting in Kenai on April 7, 2009, and the Unified Command briefed the public on the Drift River Terminal situation. Approximately 80 people attended, including people who called in on the telephone.

Situation Reports and Other Updates
03/25/2009 (PDF 47K)
03/25/2009 (PDF 475K)
03/26/2009 (PDF 49K)
03/27/2009 (PDF 54K)
03/28/2009 (PDF 62K)
03/29/2009 (PDF 63K)
03/30/2009 (PDF 60K)
03/31/2009 (PDF 69K)
04/01/2009 (PDF 69K)
04/02/2009 (PDF 69K)
04/03/2009 (PDF 69K)
04/04/2009 (PDF 68K)
04/05/2009 (PDF 68K)
04/06/2009 (PDF 75K)
04/07/2009 (PDF 74K)
04/17/2009 (PDF 74K)
04/28/2009 (PDF 67K)
05/01/2009 (PDF 66K)
07/10/2009 (PDF 66K)
08/05/2009 (PDF 69K)
08/12/2009 (PDF 69K) -- FINAL
Other Updates
AVO/USGS overflight observations (3/26/2009) (PDF 731K)
Public Meeting, April 7, 2009
Incident Action Plans
Unified Command IAPs (abbreviated)
Period 1 (4/1/2009 0900 - 4/2/2009 0900) (PDF 846K)
Period 2 (4/2/2009 0900 - 4/3/2009 0900) (PDF 1.36MB)
Period 3 (4/3/2009 0900 - 4/4/2009 0900) (PDF 1.54MB)
Period 4 (4/4/2009 0900 - 4/5/2009 0900) (PDF 863K)
Period 5 (4/5/2009 0900 - 4/6/2009 0900) (PDF 1.33MB)
Period 6 (4/6/2009 0900 - 4/7/2009 0900) (PDF 1.35MB)
Period 7 (4/7/2009 0900 - 4/8/2009 0900) (PDF 1.08MB)
Period 7 (4/8/2009 0900 - ) (PDF 1.16MB)
State/Federal Joint Command IAPs
Period 1 (3/26/2009 1600 - 3/27/2009 1600) (PDF 630K)
Period 2 (3/27/2009 1600 - 3/28/2009 1600) (PDF 1.16MB)
Period 3 (3/28/2009 1600 - 3/29/2009 1600) (PDF 1.16MB)
Period 4 (3/29/2009 1600 - 3/30/2009 1600) (PDF 1.62MB)
Period 5 (3/30/2009 1600 - 3/31/2009 1600) (PDF 1.92MB)
Press Releases, Fact Sheets and Other Public Information Releases
Press Releases
  April 1, 2009
  April 2, 2009
  April 4, 2009 (PDF 70K)
  April 5, 2009 (PDF 65K)
  April 28, 2009 (PDF 71K)
  April 30, 2009 (PDF 68K)
  May 6, 2009 (PDF 145K)
Media Advisories
  April 2, 2009
  April 4, 2009 -- Unified Command to hold press briefing at USGS Alaska Science Center Saturday, April 4, 1pm (PDF 137K)
  April 6, 2009 -- Unified Command to hold press briefing at the USGS Science Center Monday, April 6, 1pm (PDF 146K)
Fact Sheets
  4/1/2009: Water Usage Options
  4/3/2009: Drift River Terminal Containment, Tank Volumes (PDF 130K)
  4/4/2009: Spill Response Resources (PDF 79K)

4/7/2009: Water Usage Options, updated (PDF 74K)

Response Plans
Cook Inlet Subarea Plan
Unified Plan
Geographic Response Strategies (GRS) for sites of immediate concern (within 10 miles of the Drift River Terminal)
  > Little Jack Slough GRS (PDF 1.05MB)
  > Drift River GRS (PDF 976K)
  > Big River GRS (PDF 841K)
  > Kustatan River GRS (PDF 983K)
  > Swamp Creek GRS (PDF 1.14MB)
Weather and Tides
Marine Weather Forecast
Public Weather Forecast (Kenai and vicinity)
National Weather Service Redoubt Coordination -- ashfall advisories and other information
Sunrise/Sunset (Kenai area)
NOAA Tide Predictions for Drift River Terminal
Resources at Risk
Land Management Map
Critical Habitat Area Map (PDF 116K)
Resources at Risk for Drift River (prepared by ADFG, PDF 33K)

Resources at Risk (prepared by DOI, PDF 21K)

Resources at Risk for the Drift River Tank Farm, Cook Inlet, AK (prepared by NOAA, updated 3/29/2009, PDF 36K)
Strong Seasonal Dynamics of Harbor Seals in Cook Inlet, Alaska (prepared by NMFS, PDF 2.24 MB)
Stellar Sea Lion Habitat (prepared by NMFS, PDF 160K)

Most Environmentally Sensitive Areas (MESA) Map for Redoubt Bay

  > MESA 44A (PDF 390K) - waterfowl; seabird colonies; anadromous streams and lakes
  > MESA 44B (PDF 313K) - harbor seals; brown bear; black bear; beluga whales

Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Map for Cook Inlet and Kenai Peninsula (Spring) (PDF 5.41MB)

Useful Websites
Alaska Volcano Observatory -- complete information on Redoubt activity
US Coast Guard -- links to USCG news releases
DEC Division of Air Quality Volcanic Ashfall Website

DNR Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys

DNR Division of Oil and Gas

US Geological Survey Alaska

Chevron Pipe Line Company (corporate website)

USGS Photo Glossary of Volcanic Terms
For More Information
Joint Information Center (JIC) 907-301-2074
Stakeholder Liaison (Dale Gardner) 907-269-7682