Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Incident Description

Incident Location Map

Location Various locations
Product/Quantity Various
Cause Flooding associated with spring break-up on the Yukon and other rivers
Time/Date of Incident April/May 2009
Situation Reports
05/06/2009 (PDF 24K) 05/18/2009 (PDF 44K)
05/07/2009 (PDF 30K) 05/21/2009 (PDF 49K)
05/08/2009 (PDF 31K) 05/26/2009 (PDF 54K)
05/11/2009 (PDF 31K) 05/29/2009 (PDF 47K)
05/13/2009 (PDF 33K) 07/02/2009 (PDF 50K)
05/15/2009 (PDF 55K) 07/24/2009 (PDF 55K)
Eagle May 7-9
  May 12
  May 15

Circle May 9

Tanana May 15

Stevens Village May 23-25
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Contact Alan Wien, DEC, (907)376-5038