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Gambell Drinking Water Well

Incident Description

Incident Location Map

Location Village of Gambell on the northwest corner of St. Lawrence Island is located in the Bering Sea over 230 miles west of Nome, Alaska.
Product/Quantity The ADEC Responder on site visited with some kids that were in the area. They stated that a small amount of gasoline had dribbled out of the fuel tank of a four wheeler when it was turned over. No evidence of a petroleum release could be found.
Cause No evidence of a release was discovered.
Time/Date of Incident The Gambell Water Plant operator reported the potential spill to ADEC on October 6, 2009.
Situation Reports
10/07/2009 (PDF 19K)
10/09/2009 (PDF 19K)
10/23/2009 (PDF 130K) -- FINAL
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