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R-Pad Produced Water Leak

Incident Description

Incident Location Map

Location R-Pad, Prudhoe Bay, North Slope, Alaska.
Product/Quantity The spill was from a 6-inch line carrying produced water inside a manifold building. BPXA estimates the amount spilled at 170 barrels (7,140 gallons). Approximately 120 barrels (5,040 gallons) remained within the building, while the remaining 50 barrels (2,100 gallons) spilled onto the gravel pad.
Cause The cause of the spill is unknown and is under investigation.
Time/Date of Incident The spill was discovered by BPXA at approximately 1:40 PM on December 2, 2009. BPXA notified ADEC at approximately 2:46 PM on December 2, 2009.
Situation Reports
12/03/2009 (PDF 416K) -- FINAL
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Wes Ghormley, ADEC, (907) 451-2164 or Scot Tiernan, ADEC, (907) 465-5378.