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2011 Spring Flooding

Incident Description

Incident Location Map

Location Red Devil and Crooked Creek, AK, on the Kuskokwim River.  A flood warning has been issued to the community of Buckland on the Buckland River.
Type/Extent of Damage

Heavy snow melt and ice jams caused the Kuskokwim River to rise and caused flooding in the villages of Red Devil and Crooked Creek.  The flooding has damaged many homes, businesses, and public infrastructure.  Many people in Crooked Creek had to be evacuated.  The flood waters and ice flow damaged or displaced numerous fuel tanks, drums, and other containers.  There have been several petroleum spills in the community.  Some private drinking water wells have also been impacted by the flood waters.

Time/Date of Incident May 2011
DEC Situation Reports
05/20/2011 (PDF 33K)
Additional Information
DHS&EM Flood Website - photos, press releases, more
thumbnail Crooked Creek Photos and Analysis -- prepared by J. Engles, DEC (PDF 1.71 MB)

May 23, 2011 click thumbnail for larger view    
The community shop; the furnace and fuel tank are against the back wall. Bucket with oil and two of the ubiquitous blue pails, shop area. Overview of equipment/pails/drums scattered around the shop area.
Just upstream from the shop area; the shop can be seen in the background. oil spill at the Thomas Lodge, Middle Village. The tank floated and disconnected the fuel line. This was the largest spill observed. Drums and other debris in back of the Thomas Lodge; there is a small diesel “hotspot” near the polystyrene “ribbon” in the background. The slough is to the rear of this.
Another view of the same general area as above. About 75 yards upstream from the above; Middle Village. Note the stacked pails. No soil contamination observed in this area. Further upstream, looking at the city/tribal/old post office building downstream in the distance. No soil contamination was observed in this area, but the debris made close examination difficult.  
The shop (former generator) area; the bulk tanks in the background were reportedly empty during the flood, and there was no evidence of oil directly around them. Blue pails in an area by the city/tribal/old post office in the Middle Village. There is a small lube oil spill under the red drum. Little apparent contamination in this area.
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Steve Russell, DEC Prevention Preparedness and Response Program Soldotna, 262-5210 x 222

Cindy Christian, DEC Drinking Water Program Fairbanks, 451-2138

Alan Wien, DEC Prevention Preparedness and Response Program Wasilla, 376-1865