Division of Spill Prevention and Response


Incident Description


Location Mile 3.0 Quartz Creek Road, Cooper Landing. Cooper Landing is on the Kenai Peninsula, approximately 100 road miles from Anchorage.
Product/Quantity ADEC estimates that as much as 50 gallons of used oil was intentionally dumped into a fresh water pond.
Cause The spill appears to have been intentional. This case is being referred to the Department of Law, Environmental Crimes Unit.
Time/Date of Incident The spill was discovered and reported to ADEC on Wednesday July 6, 2011.
Situation Reports
08/09/2011 [FINAL] (PDF 96K)
07/14/2011 (PDF 129K)
07/08/2011 (PDF 87K)
For more information
Don Fritz, ADEC, (907) 262-3419